Crush up the garlic, chop the onions into small bits, grab the mince, fling all of it into a frying pan with a little splash of olive oil, cook it up gently with a good shake of salt and pepper.

Whack the Passata into a big saucepan, refil each pot to half full with water to slosh out the remaining muck and stick that in too. Chuck in the sugar along with another dose of salt and pepper.

Add the meaty stuff into red stuff and get it simmering, then bung in like 1/8th pot of mixed herbs. Let it sit there on the simmer until it shrinks (like about 2 hours). Done.

Optional: Right at the end chop up your chorizo, fry it in a little olive oil and add it before serving.

Serve with the pasta of your choice and some cheese that smells of throw up.