Westfield have used a lot of common parts from major manufacturers. This page is an attempt to list those components so that it is possible to get them from your local motor factors. Please send any updated or additions.

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Part Source OEM Part Number
Early Twin brake master cylinder Mk3 Cortina
Later Twin brake master cylinder Mk2 Fiesta
Radiator VW Polo/Golf Valeo Valeo 883818
Top Ball Joint Ford Transit '66-'85 drag link QH Delphi QH QD117RHT Delphi TA298
Track Rod End Escort Cortina Veco Veco VB316
Lower Ball Joint 4-bolts (older) Cortina Mk3/4 '75-> Delphi Delphi TC73
Lower Ball Joint 2-bolts (newer) Maxi QH Delphi QH QSJ602X Delphi TC32
Square Exhaust Mount Peugeot 504/505 Bosal Bosal 255-282
Differential SEi Sierra/Granada w/rear discs (7 or 7.5" can be used)
Steering Column Allegro
Wiper Motor Mini/Allegro/Maxi/Marina
Lockable Fuel Filler Cap (black plastic type) Late 5 door Metro
Coolant Header Tank (older) Fiesta
Coolant Header Tank (newer) GM GM 9128766
Front Brake Calipers Ford M16 (Escort Mk2/Cortina/Capri)
Front Brake Discs (vented) 2.8 Capri / Escort RS2000 Mk2
Front Brake Discs (solid) Cortina Mk3/4/5
Rear Wheel Bearings SEi Fiat Strada (all) SKF 633295B QH QH QWB422
Rear Calipers Sierra
Rear Brake Discs Mk3 Escort
Clutch Cable Escort Mk1 QH QH QH1057
Clutch Release Bearing Type9 (34mm int.diameter) Ford Ford Ford 6124270
Radiator Fan Switch 22mm Intermotor Intermotor 50030
Suspension Bushes Avenger outer track control arm bush QH QH Y976
Mirrors Rover 100 '95-'98
Ford Zetec (short) Oil Filter Renault/Volvo WIX FRAM WIX WL7064 FRAM 2874
Indicators (hang off nose cone) Land Rover Bearmach 589284R / BR1230R