Battery Isolator…

Note: Posted directly from my phone – hope it looks okay!

I found this winter that my battery – when left for a period of about 5 weeks would go dead flat.
Now, don’t think that I would purposely abandon my little car for 5 weeks it was a combination of a trip to New York that ran over, then a drunken accident during pre-Christmas drinks, followed by a business trip.
Anyway the battery was dead flat not accepting a charge. The battery was one that was picked up  in the summer from Halfords. So I returned it and they handed me a new one.
To prevent failure of the new one I, after reading a few blog posts and forum entries I decided upon a battery isolator from To make it a nice Job I also measured up and cot a couple of new battery cables.
I chose to place the isolator on the negative side of the battery circuit. Mainly because the positive side has to deal with some serious amps during start up and this may cause a bit of a melt.
There was already a conveniently placed hole in the scuttle for the new device – in one of the redundant ex-heater hose holes. So it was a very simple job of removing the battery and then drilling 2 additional holes to pass screws through for attachment.
I then fitted the new cables and viola.

 I left the car for around 10 days isolated and it worked fine. 

At the same time I replaced a leaking coolant t-piece that had an annoying drip with a new one hand made by an eBay seller. It’s such a nice looking thing that it’s a shame it’s buried in the bottom hose.

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