Wide Track…

So, at the back end of last summer while taking a trip out for a coffee I managed to slide my car into the kerb.

The damage was limited to;

Scratched LHF Wheel
Misshapen LHF Lower Ball Joint
Misshapen LHF Lower Wishbone plate

Updated: Slight bend in left steering rack track rod

To remedy this;

Wheel scratch covered with touch-in paint
Lower ball joint replaced
Lower Wishbone removed and Plate Straightened with a big hammer

This did not feel like final repair, so I started looking at getting a Wide Track kit to fit in place of the current front suspension.

Now, there are a few manufacturers of these kits, but just before Christmas, in the WSCC magazine, there was an Ad declaring that the Genuine Westfield Wide Track Kit was at a special price to members.

I called and placed an order immediately.

The Kit took a short while to arrive while the factory was switching to a new supplier. But when it did, wow, nice quality.

I soon got around to bolting the bits together that didn’t need a car nearby. This included new upper and lower ball joints (obtained from an online parts shop)
Then, the on the firsts reasonable day of the year, the car was brought around to my house for this transplant (it’s on those concrete slabs to get enough space to slide the jack under).
Removing the old units proved pretty simple, the only sticky parts being the ball joints sticking into the hub. 11mm of thread was cut from the steering track rods to allow the rack extensions to fit tightly and give enough tracking adjustment.
The biggest struggle was fitting the new Westfield poly-bushes into the new wishbones centrally, a few tries were needed per bush. Update: I’ve since learnt that one should clear some of the powder coat inside the bush housings.
Anyway, after whole day of working including a brake bleed, and setting the camber to 1.5 degrees,  this was the result. Update: The camber has since been reset and tracking set – the brake bleed was front brakes only, as the rear bleed nipple was seized.
After this year’s MOT test, I’m planning to re-check the tightness of everything and re-check the tracking and camber.

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