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Many Things…

Many things happened to my car over the summer…

The trouble is finding the time to post updates here between spanner sessions.

Of the things I can remember;

The alternator came loose on the way to Le Mans the car ran fine all of the way there and back but the light would flicker on and off.

I discovered a bolt missing between the alternator bracket and front engine cover that was soon remedied.

I got myself a bargain of a new exhaust from the Westfield factory.

I fitted some little canard fins onto the nosecone a’la Caterham, 2 pop rivets per side.
I got a set of very nice second hand doors from a club member, it was a simple task to swap the hinges over.

Then came ‘Throttle Cable-Gate’…
While taking a friend out for a ‘demonstration run’ the throttle cable snapped at the pedal end.
I looked into what could be done, and settled on a packet of ten inner cables from eBay and some go-kart throttle cable end parts.
I soon had the car working again, but the pedal felt a bit squishy, so I re-worked the pedal end and fitted another inner cable.
This soon snapped at the carburettor end… grrrr…
I made up another cable this time filing the barrel on the carb end to a super smooth easy fit into the mechanism on the carburettor. Its been okay so far. Fingers crossed.
In a fit of ‘oooh they look nice’ I picked up another set of wheels, this time the ubiquitous Pro-Race 1.2s with Yokohama neova AD08R rubber (super grippy).
Anyway, back soon with more antics…

Alternator Revisted…

So, recently the Alternator warning light had been flickering a bit.

This weekend, it just stayed on… Bugger.

Bearing in mind the alternator was pretty new, I started my diagnosis elsewhere.

I followed the wiring around a bit, and deduced that it ran through one of the 2 fuse boxes, noticing that looking straight down onto the fuses that some of the contacts onto the fuses were sitting lower in the plastic housing that others.

Upon removing the 3 fuses to which this had happened, I found that the captive contacts (or terminals) had slid down. By poking from below, they were soon back in place, and the fuses re-fitted.

This fixed the problem a treat.

While the nosecone was off for another job, I grabbed a photo of the Alternator installation.

Alternator Part 2…

So, I got the new alternator kit from KitSpares.

The brackets are beautifully made and powder coated.

Everything needed is in the kit; bolts, nuts, washers the lot.

You do have to get your wiring sorted to mate with it, but that’s a simple task of adding ring terminals for the thicker B+ wires, and spade connectors for the ignition live and warning light wires.

On the Right below you can see the old alternator (Huge) and, on the left, the new one (Tiny);

The operation is very simple, but I would recommend removal of the nosecone and inlet manifold.
I additionally added an earth strap of my own between one of the inlet manifold bolts and the threaded alternator mounting hole. This was suggested on the Westfield Forums as the awesome powder coating on the brackets may insulate the alternator and prevent a good earth connection.
The alternator in the kit did arrive faulty (it only provided charge occasionally) but after a call to the very helpful guys at Great British Sports Cars. I drove over there and collected a new one. I got a very impressive tour of the factory thrown in too. I really do think that my next car might be a GBS Zero.


When fitting the new engine, we noticed that the alternator has quite a bit of movement – even when bolted in as tight as possible. Its seems to be because slot has been cut into the standard alloy (Mondeo or Focus) Alternator mount to allow quick removal/reinstallation.

When re-assembling it at engine time, a piece of rubber hose was used to sleeve the bolt and minimize the movement, but its not really good enough.

When driving the car at the weekend, the belt seemed to get caught across the pulley and lock it, causing a squeal.

To remedy this I’ve ordered a neat looking alternator kit from Kit Spares. I’ll drop an update here over the next week letting you know how it goes.