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Wheels and Brakes…

This weekend I fitted some new wheels (14inch Revolution Alloys) that I saw for sale on the WSCC forum.

I got a set of 5 with good Toyo CF1 tyres for £300 delivered from Edinburgh.

At first try they would not fit, as they have an unusual wheel nut design, whereby the nuts have a shank very nearly the thickness of the wheel and fit through a machined hole in the rim.

The trouble was, the wheel bolts had a splined shank section, this prevented the wheels tightening fully.

This was overcome by adding a 5mm wheel spacer to each corner – the bolts now tighten down perfectly.

Next was the front brake pads and discs, I picked up some EBC Greenstuff Pads, and EBC Turbogroved Discs.

These went on pretty simply, the only thing to look out for is the flexible brake hose routing to ensure that it is not pulled when on full lock.

Anyway the difference is staggering, the car stops so much better – directional stability under braking was improved further still by adding 2 clicks front and 1 click rear on the dampers.

Front Dampers…

Finally it’s time to have a go at the front dampers.

This surely would be simpler that the rear ones, because they are right there visible and the bolts are well within the hittable with a hammer range if seized.

It all went pretty well, I found the same spring compression problem as I had with at the rear – this took less time however, because I have gained the knack to doing it now.  When fitting the dampers into the brackets on the chassis it was quite a struggle to line up both ends and get a bolt in – I did it using a tapered punch pushed into the bolt hole from either side and a bit of patience.

That said, its all done, and the car feels so much better to drive.

Its apparent that with the new properly working suspension, the car can be run a lot lower.
The Westfield build manual states 170-175mm Rear and 160mm Front.
I know from looking around on Forums etc though that the more sporty fellas set theirs much lower, often 160mm Rear and 146mm Front.
That puts your bum 6 inches from the ground.
I’m going to set the ride height soon and let you know how it goes.

Rear Dampers…

I have now fitted the new rear dampers.

Initially I thought that this would be such a simple task…
Upon inspection the top mounting bolt for the NSR damper was seized into the bush.
Also access to this bolt, to hit it with a hammer; is very restricted.
I noticed that a previous owner has had a go at removing it, as one of the chassis gusset plates was bent – as if it had been used to lever a pry-bar against.
So here’s what I did;
I used a Dremel to cut through the damper case where the bush is held, then I prised off the old damper from the bush (came off quite simply actually).
This revealed the bush and bold and the chassis bracket.
To handle this either side of the bush was cut through with a very thin cutting wheel on my angle grinder (got these cutting discs from Wickes).
I then painted the area in Hammerite (where the powder coating had flaked off).
Here’s the one photo that took at the time – new vs old. When I operated the old ones with my hands what was left of the oil squirted out past the seals – nice.
Getting the springs onto the new dampers was a bit of a pain, even the smallest car spring compressors that i could find and still only half fitted. So it took a few goes. I have since learnt that the trick is to get hold of some motorcycle spring compressors.
So onto the front ones next time – fingers crossed for a simple process.

Headlights, Dampers and Mapping…

I took a drive out the other evening,

a) It gave me a chance to use the Half-hood – which worked a treat. It does however ‘bellow’ up when driving a higher speeds. I think that after this I should be able to tighten it down further.

b)  got to film my trip using an SJ4000 (cheap GoPro knock off). I sampled it down to 720p using handbrake, then performed and edit with iMovie, see below;

c) A stone popped up and hit my headlamp and smashed it. So on Friday, I received my nice new Dominator style lights from Furore Products. Fitted them on Saturday, proved pretty simple, but I’m not fully happy with the fact that the mounting hole had been drilled pretty big, so I’m going to make a little adaption plate/washer device at the weekend. So far though, I love them and think they look great. I’ll post pictures of the little brackets after I’ve made them.

I have for a while been thinking that there was something a bit off with the suspension, predominately at the rear. I have now narrowed this down to the 15-year-old SPAX dampers. Whether at setting 1 or setting 12 the rear end still crashes and bounces about.
My remedy to this is to order a set of alloy bodied Protech Dampers from Westfield. I’m hoping to have these for next weekend so that I can get them on.
Ignition Map
The car feels so so so much better when driving, but there still is a bit of spluttering and holding back at WOT when using low/mid revs. So also at the weekend, I’m going to try a few more maps, built with consideration as to how well the car feels now at cruise / mid throttle.