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Many Things…

Many things happened to my car over the summer…

The trouble is finding the time to post updates here between spanner sessions.

Of the things I can remember;

The alternator came loose on the way to Le Mans the car ran fine all of the way there and back but the light would flicker on and off.

I discovered a bolt missing between the alternator bracket and front engine cover that was soon remedied.

I got myself a bargain of a new exhaust from the Westfield factory.

I fitted some little canard fins onto the nosecone a’la Caterham, 2 pop rivets per side.
I got a set of very nice second hand doors from a club member, it was a simple task to swap the hinges over.

Then came ‘Throttle Cable-Gate’…
While taking a friend out for a ‘demonstration run’ the throttle cable snapped at the pedal end.
I looked into what could be done, and settled on a packet of ten inner cables from eBay and some go-kart throttle cable end parts.
I soon had the car working again, but the pedal felt a bit squishy, so I re-worked the pedal end and fitted another inner cable.
This soon snapped at the carburettor end… grrrr…
I made up another cable this time filing the barrel on the carb end to a super smooth easy fit into the mechanism on the carburettor. Its been okay so far. Fingers crossed.
In a fit of ‘oooh they look nice’ I picked up another set of wheels, this time the ubiquitous Pro-Race 1.2s with Yokohama neova AD08R rubber (super grippy).
Anyway, back soon with more antics…