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A Few Things…

Additional work has been completed since the suspension rebuild, none worthy of a single blog post, but here goes;

Front Springs

After I had replaced the rear springs as (see the previous post), It can only help to replace the front rusty, flaky ones too. I picked some 250lb  springs up from Protech then, it was a simple job; remove the retaining bolts – viciously cut off the old springs with an angle grinder, then slip on the new (shorter) springs and re-installing. The ride height was matched side to side but needs another look as the whole car seems a bit low.

After a couple of drives with the new springs – the car bucked around a little when on bumpy surfaces – so I clicked the dampers down one level all-around. 
MAP Sensor Damper
When completing the Ignition system a couple of years back, a Danst Engineering damper was added to smooth out the pulses created by the intake system and provide a good reading to the MAP sensor. I fitted it below the inlet manifold sort of hanging on the vacuum lines. Then after watching a youtube video from Japan about a Toyota AE86, and seeing a nice setup, I decided to copy it. Basically, the damper was moved to the edge of the cam cover fastened by p-clips and plumbed in with fresh silicone hoses.
Look, I’ve added an arrow to help you spot it!

More Wheels
When I got my current tyres fitted (Nankang NS2R), the man in the workshop noted that one rear wheel had hit something pretty hard and dented the OSR wheel rim (inside and out) – this presents itself as a rumble at higher speeds. 
This gave me an excuse to find more wheels (again) after waiting and watching I found some 13inch Minilite replicas (these cars are supposed to handle better on 13’s) I collected them and got them on – the car feels lighter on its toes and I think they look great!
I’ll probably go back to the 15inch wheels for another year or so to wear the tyres out, then get some new 13inch tyres and switch to these full time.

Many Things…

Many things happened to my car over the summer…

The trouble is finding the time to post updates here between spanner sessions.

Of the things I can remember;

The alternator came loose on the way to Le Mans the car ran fine all of the way there and back but the light would flicker on and off.

I discovered a bolt missing between the alternator bracket and front engine cover that was soon remedied.

I got myself a bargain of a new exhaust from the Westfield factory.

I fitted some little canard fins onto the nosecone a’la Caterham, 2 pop rivets per side.
I got a set of very nice second hand doors from a club member, it was a simple task to swap the hinges over.

Then came ‘Throttle Cable-Gate’…
While taking a friend out for a ‘demonstration run’ the throttle cable snapped at the pedal end.
I looked into what could be done, and settled on a packet of ten inner cables from eBay and some go-kart throttle cable end parts.
I soon had the car working again, but the pedal felt a bit squishy, so I re-worked the pedal end and fitted another inner cable.
This soon snapped at the carburettor end… grrrr…
I made up another cable this time filing the barrel on the carb end to a super smooth easy fit into the mechanism on the carburettor. Its been okay so far. Fingers crossed.
In a fit of ‘oooh they look nice’ I picked up another set of wheels, this time the ubiquitous Pro-Race 1.2s with Yokohama neova AD08R rubber (super grippy).
Anyway, back soon with more antics…

Wheels and Brakes…

This weekend I fitted some new wheels (14inch Revolution Alloys) that I saw for sale on the WSCC forum.

I got a set of 5 with good Toyo CF1 tyres for £300 delivered from Edinburgh.

At first try they would not fit, as they have an unusual wheel nut design, whereby the nuts have a shank very nearly the thickness of the wheel and fit through a machined hole in the rim.

The trouble was, the wheel bolts had a splined shank section, this prevented the wheels tightening fully.

This was overcome by adding a 5mm wheel spacer to each corner – the bolts now tighten down perfectly.

Next was the front brake pads and discs, I picked up some EBC Greenstuff Pads, and EBC Turbogroved Discs.

These went on pretty simply, the only thing to look out for is the flexible brake hose routing to ensure that it is not pulled when on full lock.

Anyway the difference is staggering, the car stops so much better – directional stability under braking was improved further still by adding 2 clicks front and 1 click rear on the dampers.